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Writers FAQ
How can I join as Freelance Writer?
It's simple. Click on writers on top and will land on "Freelance registration page" enter all the information correctly. Once you register our Account Executive will call you to verify your identity and will ask you to write test content after which we will examine your writing skills. If you qualify we will add you to our approved writers’ database.
How will I know if there is work for me?
At the time of registration you will have to give us your valid contact information once we have new orders and if your writing criteria matches, one of our Account Executive will email or call you to check if you are available, if yes you will be assigned the work.
What writing rules should I follow?
All content we need has to be 100% original writing, not copied from any website. The content should be rich in information and written in correct grammar. If the client does not like the content you should be prepared to re-write to make it acceptable to client. We believe we should sell content which is worth reading, rest is SPAM. So bring in creative ideas to write. You will also get writing tips at our blog.
How much time should I devote to this job?
It's a freelance job. We will reach you before we allocate job for you. If you are available we will give you the task, but note time is essence of this business, so whatever job you take has to be fulfilled immediately in the given time frame. Delaying work without any communication can get you black listed and we can get you banned from writing.
How much will I get paid?
You have to decide how much you want to charge for the content at the time of registration. You will be asked to enter cost of 100 word content and multiple of it, the lower price you enter the more chance of getting more writing orders to you, but please note time is essence of this business you have to reply to us on time for each order given to you.
Which Currency will I get paid?
We currently pay you in US$, Euro & Pounds and you have to select this at time of registration and enter the cost per article as well.
What is the mode of payment?
In order to get you paid you should have a valid PayPal account; all payments are made via PayPal only.
When are the payments made?
You will have to raise an invoice to writers2connect.com at the end of each month (format of the invoice will be provided). Once we receive the invoice and is verified we will make payment on 1st week of each month.
Who owns the Copyright of the Articles which I write?
All content which you write belongs to our client, and you have no copyright rights on the content once submitted to us.